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We are like oranges




April 2023

With scenes from historical events such as Queen Kristina's involvement in the Swedish Slave Trade, the State Institute for Racial Biology, the murder of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme and the fictitious slave auction at Lund University in 2011, the film is unique in that it addresses the racist history of Sweden and how it impacts on today. The aim of the film is to create debate about the reasons for hate-crime in society and what we can do about it.
”We are like oranges" is part of the Eleza project, a project that promotes the participation of Afro-Swedish youth in the cultural development of Sweden. It is based on Sweden's first hip-hop opera "Folk Opera Remixed". The opera is based on the book "Afro-Swedish in the new Sweden". This is Sweden’s first secondary high school text book that presents Europe and Africa's shared history and where young people of African background describe their life experiences in Sweden.
The film’s point of departure is the experiences of a young afro-Swedish guy in high school. During a lesson about Swedish history he ends up in a dream world where he travels in time and meets people who shaped the Swedish view on racism. The film deals with the consequences of his journey in which racist classmates, decide to take revenge when his new awareness is seen as a betrayal of the Sweden they have learned about. The film has a positive tone – providing the necessary information but also showing how racism can be prevented and addressed in a constructive way.

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