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Our  Story

Get to Know Us

When we grew up in a small town in the north of Sweden, it was under a time when there was no internet. Our parents introduced us to soul, jazz, and rock n roll through their albums.  When Cecilia turned 6 years old she got a piano where many of the early songs of Khumalo were born. But we started as a beatbox band.


For us, making music was a part-time activity we both loved to participate in and soon enough we found our own style.  Our mother moved to Umeå during their teenage years and when we were 18-19, we got their first record deal as the band Khumalo. We went on tour across Sweden in 1999 and performed internationally. In 2010, we released our own album "10 Years in the Game", now as a household name in our new home town Umeå.


​We won a Global Music Award for the filmscore "Can´t you see" for the film "We are like Oranges", 2016.​As we started a career as academics in political science and sociology, we started doing cultural projects together. We wrote the parts of the opera music for the hip hop opera "Folk operan Remixed". We also wrote many pieces of film music for the Eurotopia project .

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