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April 2023

Eurotopia was an initiative by Muzicadelic Entertainment with the purpose to create 21 short films as counter-narratives to counteract right-wing and Islamic extremist propaganda, with partners in Belgium and Italy. The vision of the project was based on scientific studies on how to use visual media to create empathy and tolerance. By using credible voices from four different target groups; former extremists, victims of hate crime and terrorism, heroes working against extremism, and last but not least, youth speaking of their reflections of radicalization, did the project succeed in finding and creating these films. Despite the pandemic impacting half of the project's cycle, did the project nevertheless manage to create compelling and heartwarming films that engaged approximately 150 actors, film crew, and informants, including staff in three countries. Still, due to these unforeseen circumstances, we have 4 films left to post-produce. We will finalize these last films by the end of April 2021.

The stories were based on the true accounts from people representing the multicultural perspective of Europe, as Christians, Jews and Muslims, were all portrayed. Many of them had never been interviewed before. We made films for instance about a holocaust survivor in Sweden, of a mother losing her son to recruitment into ISIS in Belgium, of personal accounts from a former right-wing extremist that suffered abuse at home in his childhood in Sweden.

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