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April 2023

The "Youth DiasporACTION" is an initiative to empower african-european youth participation. The idea arose in the context of previous meetings in Africa and Europe organised by the European Council and the African Union together with ADYNE- The African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe. The purpose is to ensure a strong cultural diversity, enhance that every youth in Europe has a right to participate in youth organisations and focus on the values of mutual learning and understanding. This project was unique since it was the first time youth with fewer opportunities in Portugal got the chance to meet youth with fewer oppertunities from the same continent, Africa, in Sweden with solely african background. The purpose was to raise awareness and emancipate them to work together with common goals and projects in the future. 21 youth participated where 8 came from Portugal(which included the portugese youthleader) and 13 from Sweden. We also had a team of 3 swedish youthworkers and 2 lecturers over 30 participating in the project. The venue was held at Linnégatan 14, TCO in Stockholm.

The project “Youth DiasporACTION” is designed to create active and motivated youth from the African diaspora living in Portugal and Sweden to give them a chance to share their experience and knowledge on youth cooperation with possibility of implementing gained knowledge and skills practically and later apply it locally in order to ensure successful and long-lasting work in local, national and international level. The intent of the project is to promote the debate, discuss workers and migrants rights, sharing knowledge, experiences and good practices in the Youth in Action Programme field by using non-formal education, interactive games and intercultural dialouge.

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