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Images from the project


Summer of 2013


Saxnäs , Lappland


The African Diaspora are more hit by unemployment in Europe. This impacts on their lifequality, life expectancy and situation in Europe. At the same time afrophobia and racism is becoming an everyday issue in european societies. What we need is that different levels of European institutions acknowledge and find strategies for a more inclusive society. We also need to create active agents of the african diaspora so that they themselves get involved in changing their situation. One way to do this is to adress the unique role that African Diaspora have and should have in the Europe-Africa relations and in the world.

They are one of the largest funders or investors of Africa as they give back money to their families in their homecountries. In that way they are giving hidden aid. But we as a minoritygroup in Europe can do more.

Afropeaneurship is already happening, more and more of the african diaspora are already providing business importing and exporting products and coming up with new businessideas that are improving the quality of life in Europe in different ways.

Our objectives:

1. Implement the Tripoli Declaration signed by ADYNE,AU and the EU
2. To build up a common knowledge and mission.
3. Social entrepreneurship and decent work for the African Diaspora in Europe.
4. To train participants about how to create business and ensure Afropeaneurship.
5. To define an Afropeaneurship policy plan and how to succesfully implement it.
6. To show youth constructive strategies in green and socially just businesses,

Afropeaneurship should advocate and foster:

1. Prioritize green businessprojects that preserve the biodiversity and endemic species in Europe and Africa.
2. Prioritize projects focusing on poverty reduction in both Europe and Africa.
3. Focus on businessplans that ensure the preservation of the wildlife of Europe and Africa.
4. Focus on projects that implement the world heritage such as preservation of minority languages and cultural sights.
5. Focus on businessplans that implement and reinforce peace and conflict resolution in Europe and Africa.
6. Prioritize business ideas that care for migrant issues and integration in both Europe and Africa.
7. Prioritze businessprojects that enchances the cultural and social images of a multicultural Europe and Africa.

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